The African American Reach & Teach Health Ministry (AARTH) is recruiting Qualified Health Professionals to bring COVID19 education and vaccination services to the Black community.

Three of the biggest challenges for getting the vaccine into the arms of Black people, those of the African diaspora are:
  1. Hesitation due to historical experiences. 
  2. Fear and stigma driven by inadequate information or lack of knowledge. 
  3. Lack of grassroots infrastructure to support education and the administration of the vaccine.

AARTH, in partnership with Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center’s COVID-19 Prevention Network (CoVPN) & HIV Vaccine Trials Network (HVTN) are working to address these challenges by hosting education about COVID19 and the vaccine in a format that is appropriate for the consumer (lay) audience. We recognize that education on these topics requires trust and familiarity, which makes the message just as important as the messenger.

Our approach is to train qualified individuals to be COVID19 Community Peer Educators (CCPE). CCPEs will be trained by Fred Hutch’s COVID-19 Prevention Network (CoVPN) & HIV Vaccine Trials Network (HVTN) staff using COVID19 presentations designed for the consumer (lay) audience.

If you are a Black/African American/African etc. person of the African diaspora who is an active or recently retired medical and clinical professionals and providers, please consider applying.


AARTH, Fred Hutch, and the HIV Vaccine Trials Network are recruiting health and medical professionals of the African diaspora (active and retired) to participate in COVID19 Peer Education consumer focused training to support educating our community about Covid19 and the vaccination process.

Participants will have a basic understanding of the:
  • immune system and how vaccines impact the immune response
  • clinical trials process and study design for finding a safe and effective vaccine
  • study results from the Pfizer and Moderna clinical trials of their mRNA vaccines for COVID-19
  • additional COVID-19 vaccine studies that are in progress

Those participating as peer educators will receive a stipend for their service.
For more details contact AARTH at