Embracing Ethnic Identity

Apr 19, 2020    Pastor Aaron Williams UPC    Sermon Series: "Beyond Colorblind"; Scriptures: John 1:43-51 & Psalm 139:13-14

Why is it so important to embrace our ethnic identity? Can we embrace our ethnic identity too much that it becomes a form of idolatry? Why should we see color? Isn’t it the fact that we have seen color throughout the history of humanity that has created racial tension and divisions in the world today? Isn’t race a social construct that we have created for our own societal gain? What is the difference between race and ethnicity and how are they related? These are the questions that bombarded my mind as I thought about our text today and the implications that it demands of us in the 21st century. In our text today we encounter two Jewish men who are pursued by Jesus to become followers. Philip has a Greek name but he’s Jewish. Nathanael is a descendant of Jacob, but he’s a man of integrity. Let’s take a closer look at their encounter with Jesus.