Turning Towards The One Who Promised

Jul 26, 2020    Reverend James P. Broughton, III    Jesus Unleashed: Genesis 28:10-17

What to do with those perplexing moments that open my horizons and challenge my comfort zone? God invites us with an irresistible call that shakes up my “normal”! How can I leave “normal behind”? It is encouraging for every child of God to be reminded so emphatically that the Lord is caring for us, and watching over us no matter where we go, or what we do. He will be with us always and will certainly fulfill
every promise and pledge that He has purposed towards us!

Big Idea:

NOTES: Turning Toward the One Who Promised!
God stands with us
• Everything changes when God speaks!
• The promises of God still hold faithful regardless of my circumstances!
He promises:
1. Divine Companionship “Know that I am with you…”
2. Divine Protection “I will keep you wherever you go…”
3. Divine Guidance “I will bring you back…”

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